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Resources & Tips for Submitting Requests

  • Same-day service will not be guaranteed.
  • Please include a written summary of your feature, and we will revise for best use when you submit your story. 
  • Always spell check and double check any dates and times.  
  • Use the attachment section to include high-quality graphics, references, or word docs.
  • Please allow three weeks’ notice so we can properly plan your publicity. Note: Stories will be posted to appropriate web/social channels as identified by Marketing.

Marketing manages and directs the content for the University's main social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, SnapChat, TikTok, and other digital media methods.

Social Media

  • You may also use this form to submit sharable pieces of content for social media.
  • Please include a photo or graphic. You can also tag Marywood social accounts when posting on your own social accounts if applicable.
  • Departments and student clubs/organizations with their own social media sites are governed by the University’s Social Media Policy
  • Editorial Guide
  • Please allow at least one week’s notice for requested posts so that conflicts with other posts and messages may be avoided.