Student Support

At Marywood, we are here to support you – the individual student. We’re committed to helping you find academic, personal, and professional success and fulfillment.

Our collaborative network of support services and resources will help you reach your goals and graduate ready for life and career.


The Division of Student Life is committed to delivering a formative student experience guided by our Catholic, IHM values and in support of the Marywood University mission. Dedicated to a community of care, we provide student-centered services to enrich student learning experiences outside of the classroom. We nurture a sense of empowerment while accompanying students on their journey to live responsibly in an interdependent world.


In harmony with the Eight Dimensions, the Division of Student Life fosters a culture of vital living and encourages our students to aspire to a high level of well-being. 


  1. Spiritual Dimension • Spiritual Wellness recognizes my search for meaning, value and purpose through living a life of discernment, transcending the self. 
  2. Emotional Dimension • Emotional Wellness encompasses an ability to understand and accept myself unconditionally while coping with the challenges of life; recognizing the importance of growth and development.
  3. Intellectual Dimension • Intellectual Wellness inspires curiosity and openness to new ideas and experiences. It values a lifelong pursuit of excellence.
  4. Relational Dimension • Relational Wellness enhances interdependence, healthy relationships, and a well-developed support system. 
  5. Physical Dimension • Physical Wellness requires caring for my body in order to stay healthy now and in the future.
  6. Environmental Dimension • Environmental Wellness claims a sustainable lifestyle that is respectful of surroundings. 
  7. Professional Dimension • Professional Wellness is the ability to develop and share my gifts, skills, and talents which in turn enriches my life and the life of the world. 
  8. Stewardship Dimension • Stewardship Wellness is the responsible, wise, and careful management of one’s belongings and natural resources.